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Thread: Australian green coffee beans?

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    Australian green coffee beans?

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    Hi guys, I'm new to coffee so that I don't know much about something like coffee taste and how its roasted.

    I just have a few questions that I'm hoping you guys would clarify it for me

    1. Does Australia has it own local green coffee bean? If yes, what are those and where can I buy them?

    2. How do I know which kind of coffee beans will bring which taste?

    Thank you!

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    1. Yes Aus does grow some, but we don't really have the climate for it (some CS members even grow their own, enough for probably a few cups a year!)
    2. You don't really - it will depend on how you roast it. Some have characteristics which are a good guide. Eg Ethiopian Yirgacheff is famous for it's citrus and floral tones. Andy gives a really good overview on BeanBay where you can buy green beans on tasting notes at different roasting ranges. He really is too good to us!

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    look at that:
    Coffee and Papayas in the Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, Queensland
    and some more I think.

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    There were threads a while back on this subject, the consensus seemed to be that demand far outstrips supply and so most of the farms are selling direct to their network and not really bothering to put any of the production on a more open market, whilst prices are very high both due to labour costs in Oz and good quality.

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    Hmmmm. Interesting question.

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    Actually quite a number of Aussie coffee plantations - at least 5 or so on the Atherton Tablelands (FNQ), a few smaller ones in Gold Coast hinterland, and a dozen or more in Nth NSW ( Byron Bay, Lismore etc ) . I've visited a number of them, and owners are all very friendly and accommodating of any questions you may have. Consensus for variety locations seems to be the Aussie developed K7 variety for the southern /slightly cooler sub-tropical areas, and more Catuai ( semi-dwarf ) and Yellow bourbon up north ( Tropical ).
    There's a lot of factors apart from just the variety of tree which affects the final taste/flavour of the beans, including general tree health, soil types, processing methods etc.
    Makes the mystery of the coffee journey from crop to cup so interesting !
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