​On a recent trip to Bali, the family and I stayed in a very interesting farmstay up on the slopes of Mount Batukaru which was well and truly away from the hustle and bustle. It is a number of little cabins (3 or 4 if the host sleeps in the central kitchen than his house) spaced well apart in lush gardens amongst coffee, cocoa and various other agricultural cops that are all intermingled.
The premise is great – the local village (perhaps 20 households) have banded together and formed a loose co-op and brought in a white guy to get some basic tourism $ to provide a low level, but stable base to the variable agricultural economy. Profits are shared 3 ways – landowner, village co-op investers and local Royalty. Intent is to get this place running, then next set of landowners and investors can do the same with 3 cabins per landowner.

I had a quick chat to one of the guys about the coffee side of things for the farm and the surrounding areas. There are lots of small individual farmers and all grow coffee along with other crops interspersed.
It’s at an altitude of 800-850 metres, so at the edge of the range for coffee, so they graft robusta plants onto a local ‘bali coffee cultivar’ rootstock. Each farmer dries their own beans and then a person with a mobile dehusker comes in and also buys the beans. It was a bad year last year with cool cloudy and wet in the dry and the average price for the dried beans was $1.90/kg. Pretty sure this is after husking, but not 100%. It is very small scale and pretty traditional. Obviously coffee served is 100 estate grown and was easily the nicest, smoothest bali kopi I had while away.
I wouldn’t go there just to learn or see coffee plants, but if you’re after a quiet few days in the mountains then I would definitely recommend it. It is very simple, but did have flush toilet and hot water. No internet, and not good if you don’t like geckos or frogs or the sound of nature. All meals are catered for with very traditional Balinese food and around 90% of produce served is grown onsite.
Search Batukaru Farmstay on Airbnb for it.

Photo of road in attached – you can see scattered coffee plants on the right side of the road.