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Thread: The price of coffee

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    The price of coffee

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    Most of us here will be well aware of this issue, but some of our newer members maybe not so much. Either way I found this a very well written article that didnít go into things too deeply, but explained the issue quite well. This is something that Iíve become much more conscious of over the last year or two and even though Iím just one consumer I try to take this into consideration when buying coffee, whether it be green or roasted.
    (Hope this is ok to post mods, canít see any commercial links in it).

    Coffee Boom: Profits in the West and Poverty in the South - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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    Read every word. Thanks Leory.

    The whole thing is pretty interesting with regards to pods etc, but most importantly the wage discrepancy of the smaller poor nations like Guatemala where young kids are picking and hauling 50kg sacks 'illegally' for a wage of less than the price of two coffees at modern cafe.

    Even the fair trade scheme really doesn't give much of a premium for certified coffee. But it is good to see that CS is on a better path with faircrack etc.

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