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Thread: No substitute for proper Barista training.

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    No substitute for proper Barista training.

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    I have started having an occasional cup of coffee - at an on-Campus cafe - with a mate who works at an Educational institution.
    It has been an interesting journey so far.
    The bean used is good, dark roast, full bodied and well rounded, and a good flavour.
    The staff are lovely but don't seem to have had any formal training.
    Don't seem to recognise the traditional basic types of coffees, or understand how to serve them.
    For e.g. this morning I ordered a "Long Black (double-shot please) in a cup to drink in". I got a 500ml take-away cup.
    I took it back to the "barista" and explained what a "long-black" was. She did not seem to recognise the description.
    I gained the impression that no-one had ever asked for one due to the fact that students want the biggest coffee they can get, and always take it away.
    Made me wonder what the academic staff order.
    For seconds, I ordered a Piccolo Latte, described it in detail and then stood and watched her while she made it.
    My previous experience there was very similar.
    I'd love to have heard what was said about me after I left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    I'd love to have heard what was said about me after I left.
    "mumble...mumble...mumble...damn snobs!"

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