Hi Folks,

I haven't been around for a while...

I still have the same set up I had before except my life has got busier...Bit of a weird thing to say but I'll put into context soon....
I remember asking what type of setup should I use for around the $2,000.00 and was looking at buying a suggestion...As life went on my life got exponentially busier and I was earning less!!! Well, Here I am 3 or so years later, still busier, but do have time to enjoy an occasional lazy Sunday morning coffee...Sundays are the time when I may try some different beans, do a pour over with hand ground beans or whatever...

Until now, When getting up for work at 3.30 am, I've found it smooth and easy to put up with the lesser tasting fully automatic Delonghi pumping out a morning cappuccino, while the toaster is toasting my toast whilst I'm rummaging around getting spreads spoons, water and lunch blagh, blagh, blagh.

I'm now considering buying a Breville Oracle, using that, and trying to use the manual side of it on Sunday mornings.
The upside to this is It's clean, quick and easy. when comparing it to another twin boiler setup with separate grinder.
The downside is the Breville may be more expensive to fix if something goes wrong and... I'm not so sure I could get the quality milk and coffee I could if I used something like a Rocket R58 and grinder or the like.

If you were in my position...Do you folk think I'm correct in my thinking? and what would you do?