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Thread: From go to whoa

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    From go to whoa

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just posted for the first time in the Wacaco Nanopresso thread. This is after months of lurking on here soaking up as much as I can. I'm willing to admit that, until recently, I've been ignorant enough to be happy with Bialetti stovetop and pod machines.

    But, after planting some coffee bushes in my garden (sub-tropical Northern NSW), I rashly decided to set myself the challenge of doing all of the preparation before drinking my own home grown coffee - from bush to cup. Given that I'm a novice, I reckon I'll be asking for plenty of help from forum members.

    I'm making slow progress with my first espresso machine (Breville BES870). Already wondering if I should have argued with my live in coffee critic who was prepared to tolerate the BES870 on our kitchen benchtop but not an espresso machine and a good quality stepless grinder. Have made some passable coffees... family members are mostly polite but they're not ready to give up going to local cafes yet. I'm currently struggling with sourness... despite adequate extraction time. Will be increasing temperature next... I think my distribution is OK.

    Have also experimented with popcorn maker and Coretto roasting... with laughable results so far. Feedback on my own roasts hasn't even been polite! A Behmor 1600 is waiting to be unpacked when I get home from a current work trip.

    I'm hoping I can harvest 3 kg a year of green beans from my bushes - but that will be many months off yet. So I've plenty of time to work on my skills.

    For now though, I'm wondering if I will get more uniform grinding with the BES870's built in grinder or my Hario Skerton hand grinder. I'll do some testing but I'm not sure that my coffee tastebuds are experienced enough to confidently pick the difference.
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    Full points for having a go a doing it all. I am sure you will find the rabbit hole that is coffee just as exciting and endless as many of us.

    A few points that may be helpful.

    What is that weight of extracted coffee in time? Aim for roughly double the weight of the ground coffee in 30 seconds of extraction. This figure can be influenced by by many variables including pre-infusion, but is a good starting point.

    Buy a variety of green beans and play around with the roast levels. Buy cheaper beans while you are experimenting, when you are getting consistent results, buy better beans to test flavour.

    The hand grinder will most likely give you more consistent results than the grinder attached to the machine. Try that with espresso shots. If your shots are sour, try grinding a bit finer to slow the extraction.

    Also, try your beans int the stovetop, filter, or french press to get an idea of their flavour. Espresso can be fickle, the other methods have a bit more wiggle room with variables.

    Hope this is helpful and good luck on your journey.

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    Thanks. Very helpful. I'm using a 1:2 ratio and aiming for 25-30 seconds. Will be experimenting with temperature next.

    Will give the Hario Skerton a go and research a high quality hand grinder - aiming to get a more even grind so better extraction.

    I have an atomic coffee machine that I can use fairly reliably. So will experiment with using that as a test platform when I start roasting beans.

    Lots of average coffees are ahead I'm sure. But it'll be fun.
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