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Thread: Good coffee in Montreal?

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    Good coffee in Montreal?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm moving to Montreal next week and was wondering if anybody had any tips on where to get good coffee and also what the coffee culture generally is like there?


    P.s I'm a longtime member but don't post on the forum, just read occasionally. I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone by getting some good advice for my Montreal move, and also reach 5 posts so that I can sell my equipment!

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    Here's a starting point:

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    You'll get good coffee everywhere in Montreal, it's a premier city. Good areas to to eat and drink include Mont Royal, St Denis, St Lawrence, Little Italy. You cant really go wrong anywhere, far superior to Toronto.
    If you're a smoker go to one of the native reservations very cheap that includes spirits too , there are two close to Montreal.

    Forgot to mention Tim Horton's. It's filter coffee,but very good. Worth going in just for the doughnuts, yum. A lot of places do serve filter coffee, however, there is no problem finding espresso.
    You'll love it, best city in North America imo.

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