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Thread: Long brew time

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    Long brew time

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    I haven't explored these parts of the woods of CS much so what I'm about to say might have been explored to death, in which case, apologies in advance.

    On the weekend, I suddenly realised that I was about to run out of beans and with no time to search for good beans nearby, I dropped by my local Harris Farm out of desparation to see if I can find anything decent. I know there's a large range of beans there, including a variety of Toby's Estate, so I was hopeful to be able to find something decent.

    Sadly, most of the beans there were either roasted a month or two ago, or had used-by dates. In the end, I bought a bag thee by a roaster that I've never heard of but that was only roasted about 2 weeks ago. I wasn't expecting these beans to blow my hat off but at least, I hoped, they wouldn't be stale.

    When I finished my old beans that afternoon, I dialled-in my grinder to get a 1:2 brew ratio in c.30s for these new beans and made a cup. As expected, the coffee wasn't exceptional but wasn't horrible either. It was just average - not bitter but not particularly flavoursome either. There was a very slight hint of chocolate and a faint hint of sweetness that didn't linger around long.

    However, two days later, with no change to the grind settings, I made my usual morning coffee before work and the extraction time doubled to 1 min for the 1:2 brew ratio (I suspect this was due to a change in temperature). With not much time on my hands (my morning routine is quite tight) and not wanting to waste the coffee, I went ahead and frothed some milk and made my usual flat white. I was fully expecting a horrible bitter tasting coffee but to my surprise, the coffee was actually amazing! It was quite chocolatey and nutty with the right amount of sweetness!

    Since then, I had made a few more coffees with the same beans, all at a 1:2 brew ratio but with brew time of c.30s and c.1m and the results were always the same - the c.1m coffee tasted amazing while the c.30s coffee was average.

    I was really surprised by this and it got me thinking - how can you dial-in your grinder to get a good tasting coffee if the range of brew time can be so large?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuppieboy View Post
    how can you dial-in your grinder to get a good tasting coffee if the range of brew time can be so large?
    Experiment, that's what it's all about, our tastes differ, discover what it is you enjoy, then, refine your technique.

    There are few mysteries in brewing coffee, it's all about being methodical and either having a good memory or keeping notes, take your pick.
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