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Thread: Breville BES900 Pre-Infusion

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    Breville BES900 Pre-Infusion

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    Gidday All,
    Quick question, does the pre-infusion time count towards the shot time or do you add the extra time onto of your shot? ie 30sec shot + 8-10 pre-infusion

    Also, what is the purpose of pre-infusion, and should there be a magic time that works better than others? Or is it coffee dependent?

    Cheers in Advance

    P.S I did do a "quick" search on this topic, but didn't find anything

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    Short answer is whatever taste best to you.

    Pre-infusion is meant to stabilise the coffee grounds and correct any tamping issues. This should prevent channelling and give an even extraction.

    Extraction time will be influenced by bean, dose, temp, tamp, grind, ambient temp, water, what colour shirt you may be wearing.....................,

    It is difficult to give an exact recipe. Start with a standard espresso recipe, extract double the weight out than in. Or a 30ml shot in ~30 sec (after pre infusion). See how that taste to you. Too biter, stop sooner. Too sour, run longer.

    Hope this helps.

    [Am open to feedback on above]

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    Make 2.
    First one 30sec plus preinfusion, second one -preinfusion.
    Compare for yourself to see what one you like better.
    I thought the consensus was to include the preinfusion

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