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Thread: Kt09 solenoid- how can it not work?

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    Kt09 solenoid- how can it not work?

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    Hi all,
    My musica is back together, but no hot water from the hot tap. It has a 2way solenoid running it.

    The coil is fine and working from the ecu.

    I pull apart the plunger and clean it up and it works correctly once or twice, then jams shut. Will not open even with a tap tap...
    I have sanded the plunger and cleaned up the plunger bore, but it still wont consistently open.

    It seems crazily simple, but this thing is the spawn of satan himself.

    The plunger is a little scored up on its sides and the face is a bit chipped. But the viton seal is ok.
    The piston seems to be jamming in the bottom of the bore. Like water is hydraulicing- locking the piston closed...

    Any ideas...before i replace it.

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    G'day Jackster...

    If the Iron Slug (Solenoid Armature) or the Guide Sleeve/Tube is scored, the Slug can jam up before it travels a full stroke. There could also be some minute metallic particles, that have become magnetised, in the bore of the Sleeve that catches the Slug as it starts to move. Quite possible since you mention that you've noticed some slight damage. There could also be something similar going on with the Valve Spool which causes it to hang up part way through its travel. You have to be particularly careful when sanding off any apparent scoring of the Slug, the Sleeve or the Spool, that you completely remove all residue created.

    Might be worth getting a new complete Solenoid Valve unit, fit that, and then see if you can overhaul the original unit as a spare...
    Might save some frustration.

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    Thanks mal.
    I have given it one more try...
    Its some issue with the plunger. Its catching somehow. I have wire wheeled it clean and now polished it. But it still has some pits of corrosion.

    And its still not working properly...short black only available now- single or double!

    Taking your advise mal. Will be getting a new one.

    Thanks for your prompt and knowledgeable reply.
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    The Solenoid valves have a hollow spindle that the moving part slides up and down in, depending on the relative position of this spindle (pointing upwards sideways etc) wear will occur inside the barrel, this wear can cause the moving part to stick along its travel path and not get all the way to the end, thus allowing the desired result. Its not easy to polish the insides of the thin walled spindles though to remove the burrs, its gnerally better to replace them with new ones if available. Anther "feature" of these sorts of electric solenoid valves is that the moving parts can gain quite a bit of inertia till they hit the end stop; this can cause the end of the moving part to form a mushroom shaped end that can jamb along its travel path or in some other cases it simply knocks the end right off the spindle and lets fluid everywhere!

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