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Thread: Organic and low acidity?

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    Organic and low acidity?

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    Hi to you all,

    Iíve definitely come to the right place judging by the expertise of so many of you.

    Iíve recently been diagnosed with the dreaded Laryngopharyngeal Reflux disorder. Giving up coffee entirely is not an option. I was hoping for some advice on selecting a single origin bean thatís both organic and has a lower acidity, from the range sold by BeanBay.

    Thanks heaps for any suggestions.


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    G'day Giovanni, and welcome to CS .

    Ah sorry to hear that mate. Not sure I can help exactly, but recently I had incredibly horrible acid reflux, and I just lowered coffee intake a little.

    I'm not too sure acid levels would be too different between different coffees (but acidity is, being moreso a taste descriptor as opposed to acid levels), I could be wrong. Am not sure if it's a caffeine thing.. if so switching to decaf possibly? Either that or just lowering coffee consumption throughout your day, halving the strength of each beverage possibly...

    Keeping in mind I'm just throwing ideas out there, this is certainly not medical advice haha, so take it with a grain of salt. It may be a matter of trial and error and listening to what works with your body.

    Best of luck bud!

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    Making your coffee via cold press/process dramatically reduces its' acidity.

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    Sorry to hear that. Can't give up my java too!

    Agree with Javaphile. But if you don't fancy cold brew (not a big fan here), you can also try brewing with Aeropress (using the manufacturer instruction to brew at 80-85C). I found it a lot gentler on the stomach. Light roast tends to exacerbate the syndrome dramatically for me. So you want a darker roast in general (much better than having no coffee!). Oh, and have some brekkie before drinking, it helps!

    As for origins, in general, avoid Kenyan coffee (prized for its acidity) or 'fruity' coffees, which tend to indicate the acidity. Unexpectedly, the Indonesians (Aceh Danau Laut Tawar and Sulawesi Blue) this time round were quite bright to me even at a darker roast level so I would probably go for others. Brazils are usually a good bet for having low acidity. The other one is the Indian Elephant beans (which I tried) are pretty good for that purpose, low acidity/slightly earthy (worked well enough for espresso).
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