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Thread: Basket differences

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    Basket differences

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    Hi all,
    In regards my musica...
    The simonelli basket is ridged and amazingly tight in the holder. So i have been using a ridgeless breville basket.
    Im dosing from my 270w straight into the basket. Dosing 16.5g into it, tamping with sprung espro tamper, and clipping it into holder. changing over to the simonelli basket (passing the grinds into the filter/handle combo), its taking 19.5g, but its needing quite a lot coarser grind as its choking (a full step at least on the 270w, still dialling it in)

    Im not willing to grind straight into the portafilter as its ungainly and inconsistent.

    So, my question...
    Should i keep using the breville basket as it likes the finer grind, or follow the trail on dialing in the bigger simonelli basket?
    I drink double espresso almost exclusively.

    Furthur confounding me, i have a naked handle coming, and it may have a 22g basket included, so maybe wasting beans tuning the simonelli basket that i have now.

    Sorry for the long winded question..

    Cheers Jack
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    I'd go with taste over anything. Compare them side by side and see what you like. I found my stock profitec baskets needed less dose for a similar shot compared to the VST I have, but I prefer the VST basket taste.

    The naked basket will also help you diagnose if you have chanelling going on.

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