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Thread: Milk Bar style

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    Milk Bar style

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    I hope this thread is in the right section.
    Friends of mine have put together an exhibition on the history of the Australian milk bar. The show includes a Faema Urania single group machine along with milk shake machines, and other things from classic milk bars around Australia. I thought some fellow snobs might find it interesting. Here is the whole spiel.

    Style was an essential element of Australia’s Greek cafés and milk bars. Both their exteriors and interiors, from the 1930s to the 1960s, expressed the glamour and allure of America – dazzling Art Deco streamlined and reflective surfaces, multi-coloured etched mirrors, badged silver-plated and ceramic tableware, flashing neon lights, gleaming soda fountain counters, exotic marble-toped tables or highly-polished wooden booths, with waiting staff in stylish uniforms that matched the interior décor. A new world of visual delight provided Australians with a taste of the American Dream – the fantasy of a life-style that was better, richer, fuller. This object-based exhibition provides an insight into this lost world of food-catering décor wonder.
    We are thrilled to be exhibiting a beautiful 1950s Faema espresso machine, an original Busy Bee, Gunnedah uniform & mirror, objects from the earliest milk bar, over 100 badged silverware and crockery items and original signage designed by Leonard French among many other interesting objects.

    DATES: Monday 16th April - Wed 30th May
    VENUE: Macquarie University Library Exhibition space
    Library Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am – 10pm; Sat-Sun, 10am – 6pm
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    Evening Aaron.

    Interesting display of milk bar objects I recall well, certainly a different era, now it's primarily paper and plastic.

    Hope the exhibition goes well.

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    Thanks for sharing, I'll try and drop past

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