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Thread: Kickstarter is (occasionally) for morons

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    Kickstarter is (occasionally) for morons

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Has anyone seen the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster on Kickstarter? Itís currently at 973% of its backing target and reached its initial goal within 3hrs. Thatís great for the creators, but I donít get the excitement. All Iím seeing is a very simple air roaster in a slightly nicer package than others on the market such as the Imex, iCoffee or Fresh Roast. Itís more expensive than all of them too I think. So why are people so keen? What am I missing?
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    Never ceases to surprise me! the things people are willing to throw money at in these (kickstarter programs) perhaps its the human desire to be among the first to have something new and innovative.

    But then people also obviously buy cheap knives, carpet sweepers and knife sharpeners from the spruikers on the box, why?

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    I often think Kickstarter taps in to the same 'urge' as gambling.
    That said, there are occasionally some good ones that seem worthy of success.

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    Even if you don't actually need the $$$, a Kickstarter campaign can be effective marketing. The target market of this product isn't exactly us. If you look at the Kelvin people's webpage it will suggest to many readers that you can roast, grind and brew in quick succession (which of course is literally true), and it all looks like technology familiar to the average Joe.

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    Its all about the marketing and unfortunately I did (on impulse) jump on the bandwagon and kinda regretting it now... Will report back when/ if it arrives..
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