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Thread: Peruvian grinder wrecker

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    Peruvian grinder wrecker

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    A visiting friend made the mistake of asking me if I had a lot of beans, and where did they come from.... instantly my head was in the bean repository, passing out calico bags, with a running commentary about countries and flavours!
    I opened my bag of Peru Segunda Naturals, to show him how odd beans can look, and scooped out a handfull. We both noticed an extra strange looking bean that turned out to be a chunk of terracota, with green and yellow artwork on one side.
    I cant help wondering of its origin.
    Anyone else found surprises in their bean-bay goody bags?

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    Re: Peruvian grinder wrecker

    Yep - I had a nusty metal thingy the other day in my Peru segunda. Not the first time either. I always check these very carefully befor roasting.

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    Re: Peruvian grinder wrecker

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    A small stone,
    countless bits of stuff unknown origin,
    particularly in one of the (I think it was) Africans we had a while back.

    Havent had the excitement of finding any ammunition yet.


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