Not wanting to suggest that people start parallel importing (why would you and miss all the support and Aus customisations?) but was looking up import duty to Australia and noticed a TCO - Tariff Concession Order for espresso machines, no 1434733. While coffee machines are normally 5%, it is zero for those machines which meet the TCO. Thought this could be helpful for those who are about to receive a Decent Espresso machine in the next few days. At least the info is in one easy to find place and you can give it to your customs broker. You can thank Boema who applied for this.

TCO below:

Tariff Classification TCO Number TCO description Operative date Decision date
8419.81.90 1434733 COFFEE MAKING MACHINES, ESPRESSO, having ANY of the following: (a) multiple boilers; (b) programmable logic control; (c) individual group temperature controls; (d) group head height EXCEEDING 15 cm from drip tray; (e) independent steam boiler 03/10/2014 30/12/2014