Hi all,

I'm a coffee addict and I like the ritual and invest the time it takes to TRY and create a "perfect" brew.
I'm fairly new to this world of coffee nuances and subtleties.

I love using my AeroPress and experiment with it (soon will get Chemex and also save for espresso machine). I try to get espresso-style with it, using Fellow Prismo or other methods. I use it to create other types of coffee.
I enjoy French Press and anything in between.

However, aside from coffee scale + timer + gooseneck kettle with thermometer + grinder, I would like to really learn about getting the most out of coffee beans.

I read about the 'fines' and 'boulders' and grind settings and descriptions of flavours, but I don't seem to really dial it down to getting it right when I brew.

For every type of coffee brew, there are grind settings and other variables that affect the coffee flavour, these are the things I'd like to learn and implement, but I don't know where to start.

Is there a workshop (in Sydney) or a specific youtube channel you can recommend for me?
I'd rather watch and listen, than reading.