Hi all

I've recently started trying to make Piccolos, so decided to learn how to pull a Ristretto.
Of course, this led me down the rabbit warren of getting dose sizes perfect etc and weighing, but I have a lot of questions that I hope folks can answer.

  1. How much ground coffee should I have in a single basket? I never use the double basket on my machine, only the single. Should I be switching to the double? I've seen some places say 7g for a single basket which seems low? I've just weighed a dose today and it was closer to 14g, single basket.
  2. Should I be weighing the ground coffee or the beans before they're ground?
  3. Once I've begun the extraction on my EM7000, do I include the lag time in my count (the time nothing comes out the spouts) or only start counting once coffee pours out?
  4. How much liquid is exactly in a shot for both Ristretto vs Espresso? I see some broad numbers on the internet.
  5. My digital scales don't seem to register the small increase in liquid that comes out (it's too slow)... are there good recommendations for barista specific scales?

For now that's it, but I know I'll have more questions.

Thanks in advance.