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Thread: Izzo Alex 2 vs 3&4. Are the upgrades worth it?

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    Izzo Alex 2 vs 3&4. Are the upgrades worth it?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    are the the differences between the models worth the upgrade?

    any experience and opinions?


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    Hi Mekanik,

    If you already own an Izzo Alex Duetto II, there are no major differences internally in the III, IV.

    Apart from the pump/motor being inverted and stainless boilers in the IV (I think, defiantly in the IV Evo)

    There are some cosmetic changes, with the IV Evo getting a touch screen.

    The group, temperature adjustments, pump pressure adjustability are the same.

    I've had my Duetto II since February 2010 (plumbed in) and it is still going strong, pumping out great espressos.

    I have no interest in upgrading to a newer model. The coffee would be exactly the same!
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    As above, only very minor tweaks.

    The newer ones have greater group clearance and I believe a shot counter?

    Very happy with my Duetto II, if I “upgrade” it will be to a lever.

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