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Thread: Italian coffee

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    Italian coffee

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    Hi all,

    Since coming back from Italy, Iíve been completely obsessed with Italian coffee. Dark roast coffee is definitely the way forward! Anyway, im wanting to know more and more about Italian coffee as there seems to be so little information compared to whatís actually out there. What I mean is the amount of roasters there are in Italy. Is there anywhere there is a definitive list of all the Italian roasters in Italy? Every time I try to do a search on Italian roasters, itís mostly the big ones like Lavazza and Illy etc that come up. Are there any books on the history of coffee in Italy or web sites?

    As a side note, Iím off to Sardinia and Naples in a couple of weeks and would appreciate some recommendations especially for Naples as Iím only there for a day. Thanks in advance!

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    if you can, there is something in german:[title_only]=1

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    My heritage is Italian, and I've always thought of Italy as the centre of coffee. That was until two years ago when I spent a few weeks in Spain and got blown away by the quality of the espressos. Every single one I had was spectacular.


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