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Thread: What's the rule for fresher beans and the grind?

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    What's the rule for fresher beans and the grind?

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    Hey all, first time posting! I'm pretty early on in my coffee journey and I've been doing ok except lately I've run into an issue with my grind with different beans. I've been trying to find an answer but I keep reading different responses.

    When beans go from old to fresh, does the grind setting need to get more finer or coarse?

    I recently made a transition from supermarket beans to fresh roasted as I got better, but I realised that the settings I had for the supermarket beans were producing some pretty runny shots with the fresh one. I actually had to turn down the grinder around 3-4 steps to get a good pour. It kinda goes against what I imagined which was that fresher beans needed a coarser grind.

    Is that consistent what everyone else finds? Fresher = finer grind? Or is there something out of whack here.

    For reference my grinder is an EM0480 and my machine is an EM7000

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    Fresher *of the same bean and roast* will require a coarser grind.

    You have changed beans as well so just adjust as required until you get the taste you want.

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    Grinder settings change as the bean ages and also for different beans. Just adjust as needed

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    Ah g'day, welcome to the forums!

    Yep what these guys above said! With the one bean, as it ages generally you need to go finer over time.

    But as you've asked for two different beans it's a bit different. Honestly I wouldn't say there's a rule here, as the grind setting is simply different (well, can be) for different coffees. I would moreso focus on the grind setting for just the one coffee, as there are too many factors to really compare.

    So you would think (and it would make sense) that you would need coarser for freshly roasted, and finer than that for supermarket not-so-fresh beans, but it may not be the case. Just think more of the one coffee itself and what it needs
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    Definitely a more open grind for fresher beans. Tighten up the grind as they age.

    Thankfully this is a very reliable rule of thumb.

    The other variable is humidity. More an issue in summer, but if you get a sudden increase in humidity you need to open up the grind.

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    Thanks for all your reply guys. I think the "fresh" bag I had wasn't properly contained and might've gone stale quickly meaning the grind had to be finer. Replaced it with some roasted today and was definitely coarser.

    Exciting journey ahead
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