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Thread: Hot Chocolate

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    Hot Chocolate

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    Whats the best way to turn the powder hot choc into liquid? ::)

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    Re: Hot Chocolate

    I just use some water from the hot water outlet on the machine to dissolve it into a syrup, then pour steamed milk over it.

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    Re: Hot Chocolate

    Not very often I make a hot chocolate,
    I have tried Nunus method some time ago and it works OK,

    More recently when trying some of the African Red Drinking Chocolate,
    just added powder to the milk and steamed it all together....was really nice,
    but then I think that it is probably one of the best drinking chocolates around ;)

    So if you want a milky hot chocolate steam it all together,
    and if you want a bit less milk, mix the powder in some hot water first,


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    Re: Hot Chocolate

    Doing it Nunus way means u can have a stab at some latte art on it too! ;)

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    Re: Hot Chocolate

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    New cafe in Frankston has opened called Mylk espresso bar. They offer over 20 different flavors of hot chocolate and serve them in a way of thick and rich texture. Tried nougats and hazelnut so far and will gradually work my way through the rest of the menu. Theyve easily claimed the title of Frankstons best coffee in CBD by far in my opinion.

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