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Thread: My take on Mocha

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    My take on Mocha

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    This is how I make my version of 'Mocha'.
    1. Start with half the normal amount of coffee in the PF and tamp it down lightly.
    2. Add a teaspoon of cacao nibs sprinkled evenly over.
    3. Add the other half of the coffee and tamp as usual.

    Proceed as normal, but with a 10-second pause in the middle. In other words a 10-second pre-infusion, but slightly later than normal.

    It adds 'chocolate notes' without adding the chocolate muddiness that adding cocoa powder does.

    Judging by my wife, some people may not notice the addition.

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    Sounds interesting. I will give it a try. Not that I am drinking Mocha but for friends that come over.


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