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Thread: Introduction and hello

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    Introduction and hello

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    Hey all, my name is Christian and just decided Iíd post an info about me and say hi. Iíve been playing with coffee for years but got my first home machine about 9 years ago. Have worked as a tech and tend to fix up my machines. My first machine was a vfa express used back in the day by amanti but it died and was tough to get parts for. Next an old l6 Rancilio which was fine but ran hot etc then an s20 midi manual which works great but is too big for home. Bring on my latest project an older la Nuova era Alexa volumetric which will be done up and modded over time.
    And also for work Iím head barista at a cafe in tassie and get to play with an older synesso there
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    Welcome Christian, always good to hear from Baristas who have an interest on the technical side of machines.
    I always think some insight into how the machinery works is an asset in terms of getting the best out of a given machine, whether it's a motor vehicle or an espresso machine.
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    Thanks rocky, I actually started in the technical side when we had a business as no one in Tasmania at that time was doing things properly, itís gone on from there and Iíve worked as both a tech and barista. Iím on my 4th rebuild for home now each time I rebuild a machine itís a jump in quality of machine and also an increase on skills Iíve learnt from previous builds
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    G'day Fueller and welcome.
    Gee Golly Gosh its been like ages since the forum has had a Good Reno Stripdown Repair HopUp Refit Thread.
    Look some up via the search function. Member 'Brendog' did a couple of pearlers, for instance.
    And this forum luvs a good read with plenty of pics!!
    Good luck with it and remember there's plenty of help, knowledge residing via the forum members, to draw upon.

    PS I think it takes around 6 posts before you get pic posting permission.
    So here's an idea for a thread.......

    Like Grinds through a Filter Basket....
    So are the Days of Our Barista..... (Play music Here !

    Cmon all you Barista types there must be some cracking good yarns out there waiting to be shared !
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