Hi, new here

I have Saeco Sirius Incanto, about 15 yrs old. since forever have used Segafredo Massimo beans, works perfect, no issues, enjoy the espresso.

coffee was good, spent coffee basket always had well formed 'hockey pucks'

just now changed beans to Establishment brand - enjoy the taste, BUT, noticed no longer get well formed 'hockey pucks' spent coffee, get 'diarrhoea-like' sludge

so I thought I need to grind it finer ? adjusted grinder maybe 3 steps finer (almost to limit) (this is first time ever adjusted grinder since I had the machine)

now, the spent coffee basket is totally covered in water, all sludge is below water line - and, takes little longer to extract espresso than it used to be (so I guess it's grinding finer that it was?)

so I am confused what I should/should not do, and, what's happening...

please help me understand...