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Thread: Behmor spindle come loose.

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    Behmor spindle come loose.

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    Hoping someone can help me out here - the spindle on my Behmor has come loose and is no longer attached to the axle spinning the basket that holds the beans. It looks like its simply attached with a screw that has come loose and presumably dropped to the bottom of the roaster. Any ideas on the easiest way to access the inner workings to rescrew the spindle back on without completely dismantling the machine? Photo of spindle attached. TIA.
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    Tech support at should always be your first point of call
    but if you are impatient...

    remove right side panel (6 screws then slide to the front and off.

    undo the 4 screws on the side circuit board and let it hang down.

    2 screws inside the roaster hold the motor on.

    I think you will find a small nut and bolt inside and it should be easy to attach.

    reverse the process to put it back together. Should take 15 minutes odd.
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