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Thread: Beans staling fast - why?

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    Beans staling fast - why?

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    I'm living abroad and wanted to get any opinions on this problem I have.

    Bought roasted beans from a local roaster, typically bought about 3-4 days post roast, are staling fast. Really fast. They are stored correctly, in the usual one way valve disposable coffee bag, in a cool and dry location. They taste great to begin with, blooming up nicely in the dripper and still giving off a bit of C02, but then, maybe 1 week and some change after purchase, it happens. I grind them up and brew, and the cup has these lingering stale notes. You know the stale taste I mean, we've all had instant coffee at one point in our lives, so this stale bitter/grainy taste is seared into our brains. Your contempt for this stale taste is what led you to this forum. So carrying on, bad brewing technique perhaps, maybe a scorched bean snuck in there, try again the next day, same thing. And again, repeat. Beans from this vendor are staling quickly.

    To rule out error on my behalf I have never had a problem in Sydney with this phenomenon.

    Does anyone have any theories why beans would prematurely, after say a week, taste stale?

    Thanks to anyone who contributes.

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    My 1st reaction based on the fact you say are doing all the right things, is that your vendor is NOT doing all the right things. I assume you checked the packaging has a Roast Date and not a Use By or Best By date? So they may not be being as truthful as you would expect, or they are mixing old & new stock so it's a half truth. I would try another vendor.

    I'm sure there are other considerations such as environmental (i.e. different to Sydney climate & conditions), type of bean and roasting method, but I would still expect 3-4 weeks before it starts staling.

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    Try another roaster/bean if possible.

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