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Thread: What makes a Gesha/Geisha Coffee?

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    What makes a Gesha/Geisha Coffee?

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    Hopefully, this article will throw some light on the question...

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    As the article suggests, there is no consistent translation from the Amharic (official language of Ethiopia) and I have seen Irgachefe as well as the more usual Yirgacheffe, Harrar vs Harar etc. There probably should be some distinction between the 'Geisha' grown in Central/South America (or elsewhere for tht matter) and beans sourced from the Gesha region of Ethiopia.
    Bit of a can of worms to be honest. What's to stop someone pinching some geisha/gesha beans, growing them in poor conditiobs and flogging substandard beans off as geisha/gesha beans? The answer for us (CSers) is Andy who does a great job sourcing quality Beanbay stock.
    In the end, it doesn't matter what I write on the label as long as the coffee is great!
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    I agree with Flynn.
    I've seen Harrar, Harar, Hararr, Harzi and Yirgacheffe, Yirgachefe, Yirgicheffe, Irgachefe, Yirgichief and about every other combination you can think of!

    My take on the specific Geisha and Gesha debate is that Gesha HAS to come from Southern Ethiopia and is very unique in bean shape (anyone still have some of the last Gesha we sold in their stash?). The Ethiopian Gesha is very long and narrow, similar to a peaberry in profile. Geisha is typically a slight hybrid as near as I can guess (different looking beans, similar flavour range) from Central America although some growers in South America are now starting to use it too (big $$$ will do that!).

    I have seen samples of Geisha that look nothing like a Gesha or a Geisha and don't taste like them either, those I suspect are purely marketing names similar to every Indo bean sold to a tourist that is "genuine" Kopi Luwak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    (anyone still have some of the last Gesha we sold in their stash?)
    Yep, still have 1.8 kg, some how overlooked it.

    Roasted a batch of Uganda Kisoro AA this AM, have bought the Gesha to the front of the queue, so its next on the list.
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