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Thread: HELP! What Coffee Machine for my Caravan Bar?

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    Question HELP! What Coffee Machine for my Caravan Bar?

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    Hi All,

    I currently own a mobile caravan bar and am looking to convert it into a coffee van as well.... However it seems its not as easy as buying a machine and plugging it in. I have no idea, and need to be pointed in the right direction. My caravan has 15amp power. Im looking to purchase and Expobar 2 group head machine to make coffee.... Will the Caravan be able to power this machine? Ive been told that maybe a gas machine is the way to go... id rather not if i didnt have too... surely this is not what other mobile coffee bars go for.. is it?

    ANY HELP at all would be AMAZING!

    Thanks in advance

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    Lost of threads in here with the pros and cons of mobile setups so I won't go into that side of your question but your first point of call should be the local council."mobile+coffee"

    The council will be the ones that give the food permit and you might find that your caravan is too far off their code to be financially viable to convert.

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