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Thread: Signature Drinks

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    Signature Drinks

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    I went to a signature drink night tonight with a few of my fellow CSers and some other great people - it was great fun and it reminded me just how much I have gained since coming on board here.

    On the left is Christretto and to his immediate right Alchemist (Sam).

    Behind me was Matt (Abstract Gourmet) and Corey - Coffee Snobs all.

    A great night of fun.

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    Re: Signature Drinks

    Cant sleep either huh? *;D

    What a great evening & format! *Sampling a S.O. Ugandan Bugisu AA "Sipi Falls" (double ristretto impeccably prepared by Corey of course), cupping a Balinese Gunung Batur and then of course, using these in some pretty delicious (and visually stunning) signature drinks, as created by a WA Barista Champion (on ya Jeremy!)

    8-) 8-) *8-)


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    Re: Signature Drinks

    Maybe we should have a Signature Drink thread that people can share their recipes/concoctions?

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    Re: Signature Drinks

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    I like your idea beanmeup...

    It was a great night indeed. So many things that make you enjoy coffee without the intricacies of getting a god shot. Was a really laid back fun night, now throw in being in between 2 coffee snobs, well then that is where it starts to get interesting.

    All I can say is that Grendel is one very creative man.

    Go team Jeremy for 2008...
    P.S. Jeremy from Epic did a great job presenting and put on a good show.

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