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Thread: Stats n stuff..... my 'go to' beans

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    Lightbulb Stats n stuff..... my 'go to' beans

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    For some stupid reason I decided to go back through my orders from bean bay since 2013 to confirm what I already knew.....

    1. That I have a coffee problem, and
    2. That Ethiopian Yirgy is my most ordered bean, also the one I have consumed the most of kg wise.

    Excluding 1 or 2 purchases from my local roastery of green beans, I have ordered since 2013 257.5kg of green beans from Bean Bay, 42.5kg of which are Yirgy's or 16.5% of all my orders.

    So I roast and drink at home about 43kg a year....

    (For the record, I used to make a bag or two here and there for a couple of friends, but generally this is just roasted for my wife and I and visitors).

    Next closest was Indian Elephant Hills A or AA at 27.5kg (10.6%), Peru Ceja de Selva 22.5kg (8.8%) and PNG Wahgi at 20kg (7.8%).

    I'm realising as I put my next order in soon, that I keep going back to my tried and true favs when they're available, whilst dabbling with a couple of other beans here and there. IMM certainly is one I like to keep in the cupboard too.

    Dare you to do the same

    Think I best get back to work....

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    OK, I'll play along.

    I've only been roasting a year, in which I've bought 50 kg of greens. I still have some in the cupboard so my annual usage is similar.

    25 kg Limmu, 15 kg other Ethiopian, 10 kg rest of the world.

    Guess I'm a one trick pony.
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    When in doubt Indian Monsoon Malabars shout!
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    Not wrong. I always try and hide a few IMM bags in my pantry so I can forget about them, knowing they develop better over time. My local roaster reckons up to a year??? I haven't been game to wait that long though.

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