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Thread: 2nd Hand Boema 2 group purchase advice

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    Question 2nd Hand Boema 2 group purchase advice

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    Hi Folks,

    Before I go ahead and stitch myself up

    I'm about to hop in the car and go check this out.

    Boema 2 group,
    unsure if 10 or 15 amp model. looks like an A1 / A2?

    Given the size I will assume 15.

    Seller has advised the 2nd group is blocked and no water flows - I am assuming a solenoid or something has gone bung in this.
    pics show it comes with group handles

    it also comes with the trolley and all other things inside of it e.g cups and what what looked like an external water pump.

    Price, Good enough to take a chance.

    Things I should look over for?
    Note I will only have about 10-15mins to check it over nor make a drink.

    Mainly the obvious things to check over.

    I'm expecting i'll be needing to drop at least another $200-300ish for a proper pull down and service

    this will be more of an ongoing project, not something that needs to be put into commercial production.



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    Right group touch pads seem to be stuck on with tape? Maybe to prevent use because it is "blocked". A speck of breakaway limescale in the mushroom will block but very easy to fix if that is indeed why it's not working.

    If it is a problem with the control box that could be expensive.
    Swap the ribbon cables left for right and see what happens to check.

    The pars seem to be generic Rancilio/Grimac and available if need replacing.

    I would at the very least want to hear and see the pump running even if the water is cold.

    In the few minutes you have you should at least hear the element start to heat. In 10 minutes the pressure gauge should be moving especially if it is a 10 amp.

    These machines are very hardy and if not missused you might get away with a couple of group seals. Maybe a solenoid if that is why one group isn't working. Maybe a heating element if that's not working....

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    Okay small update.

    I dropped some dollars down on it.

    Pick up Sunday.

    Overall cleanish
    10mins with some stainless steel cleaner will bring it right up.

    I found it is a 15 amp unit with a 10 amp plug.

    Fellow said it takes about 40mins to heat up so I'm assuming one of the heating elements has been disabled.

    Unit + 3 group handles (2 double and single) the cart and external pump for $150.

    I didn't take the lid off, but looking underneath the stainless boiler was clean and copper pipes were still somewhat shiny.

    He said the 2nd one had been disconnected but a bit of does come through it.

    I powered it on and water flowed through the first head finez so I shook hands and said i'll take it.

    100% needs new group seals and maybe a shower head as it looks pretty crusty.

    Overall it's a gamble. I'll give boema a call next week to suss out some more information about it.

    I'll guess 10-15 years old?

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    And the other photos I took.
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