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Thread: What coffee related podcasts and YouTube channels do you consume?

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    What coffee related podcasts and YouTube channels do you consume?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Been some really interesting threads in this channel so I thought I would throw this up.

    What are your most interesting Coffee Podcast and YouTube Channels?

    I will go first with a few I have been tuning into, particularly the podcasts as I have a 30-40 minute drive each way to work and have been enjoying some coffee podcasts streaming through the car stereo. Some of the Podcasts are a bit US centric but still some excellent coffee history and specialty coffee stuff.

    James Hoffman

    The Real Sprometheus;


    The Coffee Podcast

    I Brew My Own Coffee
    I Brew My Own Coffee
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    There are LOTS of coffee podcasts out there. Here’s a few more.

    I recommend:

    • The Jimseven Podcast
    • Coffee Awesome

    For people working or who want to work in the industry:

    • Keys to the Shop
    • Map it Forward
    • Coffee is ME podcast
    • The Coffee Jobs Podcast

    For general banter that isn’t always all about coffee:

    • The Cat and Cloud Podcast
    • The Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast
    • Stone Creek Coffee Podcast
    • Sweet Maria’s Coffee Podcast
    • Tamper Tantrum
    • Coffee Roasting Navigated
    • Coffee Sprudgecast
    • Boss Barista

    For YouTube add:

    • RealChrisBaca
    • Coffeefusion
    • Wolff College of Coffee
    • Sweet Maria’s
    • Barista Hustle
    • Tim Wendelboe
    • Hasbean
    • Matt Perger
    • Scott Rao
    • Mill City Roasters

    ....and many more.

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    Don't forget Mr Coffeesnob
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    problem Ive found with the few Ive listened to is they crap on about so much utter garbage an not what I tuned in for!
    But thanks for posting lists, gives me something to check out
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    I enjoy April Coffee on YouTube, and via the podcasts on their website. Covers everything from green bean sourcing and roasting, brewing coffee, industry talk and interviews with people he admires.

    It’s perhaps on the dryer end and can be quite technical, but I have learned a lot and applied quite a few techniques with success.

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