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Thread: Isomac Mondiale - continuing to dribble coffee after pour

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    Isomac Mondiale - continuing to dribble coffee after pour

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    Hello all. I'd like to ask some advice if I may please?

    My Mondiale was serviced recently and is now exhibiting behaviours I've not seen before. The first is that stopping a pour by returning the group lever to the 'off' position no longer stops the pour. Instead, coffee continues an ever decreasing flow ... petering out and stopping in time.

    The second unusual behaviour is that there is now increased suction after a pour making it very hard to remove the group handle. By this I mean I have to really push the group handle forcefully to 'break the suction seal' and remove it from the group head. And doing so results in water and grinds spraying and spilling. The handle is much easier to remove if I leave it in place for another minute or so to 'drain'.

    I assume these behaviours are symptoms of a fault with one or more of the group valves, but which one? Can anyone offer any pointers as to which part(s) to buy? I live in Brisbane so will have to have parts shipped from Melbourne.

    Thanks very much



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    Valves in the E61 mechanism have been incorrectly assembled or not installed properly. Probably the lower drain valve was put in backwards or the seal itself wasn't fully seated into the housing. They obviously didn't even do a functional check of your machine after the repairs, that's pretty dodgy.

    Take it back where you had it serviced and demand they do the job properly and for no extra charge before you have to spend any more money on it.
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    Hey, thanks very much noidle22, that's very helpful.
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