whilst looking for receipts for my tax thingy, I came across a file Id not seen in ages and in it was a card holder wallet bookythingywhatsitcalled
and low and behold
yes the one that has the coloured beans on it and my name, I think I got it 07-08

and I will admit I will pull it out at work and proudly state, don't mess with my coffee dude, Im a card carrying COFFEESNOB :P

sadly Im also the one that makes nearly all coffee at work because I don't want anyone touching Greta the Mia or the settings on the grinder, I have advised one of the directors who asked about the knobs on the grinder what happens if I turn these, "I will hurt you most likely", he backed off and was happy to get his coffee from me afterwards

all in jest of course....

maybe :P

have a good week everyone