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Thread: New structure for Saeco servicing

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    New structure for Saeco servicing

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    Im soooooo impressed. I just had a guy come and pick up my seaco to fine tune it and see if there is anything wrong with it!!!! Saecos new system is to out source the servicing side of the business. Well as a consumer this seems to be much better imo.

    When Seaco were servicing it was difficult to get them to come and pick up.....and turn around was 2 weeks!!!!!!!

    This lovely guy who came to me said he will have it back tomorrow!!!!! Also, Saeco never told me what was wrong the first time, but this guy said he will let me know if Im imagining things (my words not his!).

    The business is called Aarons and they are an official Saeco repairer.

    I just thought the service so far was very good from this new repairer

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    Re: New structure for seaco servicing

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    Ok, thought I should follow through with this thread for the very few who have Saeco machines.

    Today I got my machine delivered back all cleaned and retuned, plus with the rubber thingi in the wand replaced. Those rubber tiny rings must be costing the company a fortune to keep `repairing` faulty machines over a first crack ring.

    I think that one of the main problems is this silly little ring that keeps getting worn out.

    Would also like to add that my coffee now has an amazing crema on the top, so they must have fixed the grind action too.

    I was happy that I have a wonderful service company who is happy to do the work and provide full service on Saecos pocket. Im also happy that I purchased a very long warranty!!!

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