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Thread: Brew water - distilled & demineralised

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    Brew water - distilled & demineralised

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    One of my friends gave me some Third Wave Water sachets for Christmas
    I couldn't find any distilled water in Coles but found 'demineralised water' (says 'deionised water' on the back label) in the laundry section.
    It does say 'not recommended for consumption' but I saw in Matt Perger's water recipe that he said this water is ok and I assume if I was to boil it anyway, it'd get rid of bacteria, etc.

    Anyway, I ended up finding distilled water in an IGA and am now sitting on 4L of each.
    Do you think it's ok to try the demineralised water as brew water? Or should I just find another use for it?

    Tbh, my water in Sydney after using a Brita Filter is pretty good so I'm not wanting to get in the habit of buying and making water.
    Just doing a bit of experimenting over this silly season.


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    "Not recommended for consumption" is put on distilled and demineralised water to warn people not to drink it directly, because its bad for your teeth and possibly gut. Apparently it will leach minerals from your teeth over time and it has nothing to do with bacteria. If you're making coffee with it, then it might be OK as you are putting back some salts into the final coffee solution (?? - not really sure on this and someone will likely correct me). Although I have read that coffee tastes much better when you replace some of the minerals in the water prior to brewing the coffee.
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    Lots of very useful info can be found here...

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