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Thread: Beanbay Pickup Roast Exchanges

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    Beanbay Pickup Roast Exchanges

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    Hi guys,

    Recently I have been giving some of my roasts to friends to get some feedback on. It has been a useful way for us to establish a common frame of reference for us, as well as getting some other peoples opinions on what I could do differently. For example, we can now have conversations like this:

    A: "Is it worthwhile buying this particular blend?"
    B: "Depends; I thought that it was a bit acidic - almost like that blend that I gave you a few months ago, but without as much body."

    ... which seems to be a bit more of an effective way of communicating.

    It occurred to me that the beanbay pickup points might provide a great way for people to exchange some roasts and get some feedback, particularly if people organised to exchange stuff with people who roasted on the same or similar equipment. The beanbay pickup threads would be the place to organise this.

    Of course, part of the charm of CS brown is also in giving us a frame of reference.

    Just a thought ...



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    Re: Beanbay Pickup Roast Exchanges

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    great idea luca. im quite interested if anyone else in melbourne is...

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