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Thread: Another use for coffee beans

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    Another use for coffee beans

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    Recently was down in Hobart with my wife, who spies a perfume shop in the central mall.
    On the way in through the doors I thought I could smell coffee, must be pretty close to a coffee shop I think ;)

    Wandering around the shop I see a number of wine glasses filled with coffee beans,
    no wonder the place smelled of coffee.
    Turns out the beans are used in between smelling different perfumes, the coffee aroma allows customers to better differentiate the finer nuances of different perfumes apparently :o

    Is this another unique use for coffee beans, or is it well known and Im just behind the times?


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    Re: Another use for coffee beans

    Yeah this has been around for a while. Majority of perfume outlets have coffee beans in a cup or glass to clear the perfume smells from the nose. Most of the places have really stale over-roasted beans which smell crap...

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    Re: Another use for coffee beans

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    fine muslin bags (or tied -up cotton hankies :p..) filled with ground coffee can also be used as deodoriser in washing machines, freezers and fridge.
    particularly useful in appliances which are not used for a while.
    beats the nauseating smell of synthetic vanilla any time!!

    by the way, this also works well with tea-bags... 2 or 3 per appliance.


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