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Thread: Stainless Steel Cups

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    Stainless Steel Cups

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    What is the consensus of opinion on the appropriateness of stainless steel insulated [vacuum] cups for making espresso. [The small tea-cups not the large hot drink to go variety.] I dont believe there is any taste effect and presumably the insulation effect is good. But does the steel affect the crema? My observation so far is that it does not but I am an extreme newbie.

    Thanks for any views.

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    Re: Stainless Steel Cups

    I keep a couple at work for when I suck up to the boss and make him a coffee.

    As an espresso drinker I cant fool him like I can the others with milk based drinks.

    He likes them. They look very nice and he knows Ill take any constructive criticism.
    No complaints so far.

    I make sure I preheat them with a hot water flush before pulling the shot to ensure that they dont cool the shot down.

    The steel does not appear to affect the crema.

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    Re: Stainless Steel Cups

    I was lucky enough to be given a set of these, as espresso Cups & Saucers, and they work very well. As TG says, so long as you heat them up immediately prior to pulling the shots they cant be faulted and besides, they look pretty damn nice too....


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    Re: Stainless Steel Cups

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    Thanks for the replies. I always heat up the cups prior to use by filling them with hot water from the ktichen sink tap and letting them stand until required. Actually i do that with china cups also.

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