This thread has done little for the CS other than to become a reopsitory for foul mouthed profanity and ego. For those who get excited by this type of interaction, take it elsewhere- we dont want your garbage here. Fortunately, recent contributions turned things around somewhat. Regardless, I am shutting down the thread for te moment in the hope that Andy might just hit the delete button and flush it.


:-? Correct me if Im wrong, but I thought rigorous debate & free speech was still a given in Oz?

My unfortunate tone in my initial response aside, I think what followed got enough forum interest to explore the question posed ... & beautifully exposed the brains & logic of my fellow CS members & site sponsers.

GOD (aka Tony) "how much penance can I bear!"

Apologies were made, the thread moved on constructively - have we become so bloody PC to end it with censorship?

The nature of a forum is to be surely a cauldron of differing views - like differing views of an SO profile.

Lets move on, mate!