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Thread: I have ruined a beautiful poem

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    I have ruined a beautiful poem

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    "It is difficult to eat well outside the capital cities." -- Food writer Cherry Ripe on ABC Radio, 1/10/97

    With apologies to Peter Kocan for my destroying one of his greatest and my favourite poems, but Sharkboys post and Andys reply made me do it.

    * *Its a heartrending thing to see
    * *A coffee lover whos been caught thirsty
    * *And who knows he will never make it back
    * *To his Silvia by dinner time.
    * *Theres the look of mute despair in the eye,
    * *The slack lips and distended belly,
    * *The hand clutching the half-empty Starbucks cup,
    * *The weak voice crying out for Guatemalan.
    * *We found a whole car-load of them once,
    * *Their BMW stalled by the roadside.
    * *We somehow got them back to the homestead
    * *And offered some International Roast for pitys sake.
    * *There was nothing appropriate in the house,
    * *Just Mums Sunday roast with the trimmings,
    * *Followed by the apple-pie and cream.
    * *Of course they couldnt swallow muck like that.
    * *We had to watch them wasting away.
    * *We buried the pitiful bodies by the creek.
    * *You blame yourself, thinking they mightve lived
    * *If only youd had a Giotto standing by.
    * *Now we brood continually upon
    * *Hardships that we have never known,
    * *The endless compassion that we owe
    * *To palates more exquisite than our own.

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    Re: I have ruined a beautiful poem

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Im sure that Peter would appreciate the passion. ;D

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