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Thread: Seperate grinder for Decaf

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    Seperate grinder for Decaf

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    Hey fellow snobs. Ive seen a few people mention in passing that they have seperate grinders for Decaf. May I ask why?

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    Re: Seperate grinder for Decaf

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    Ive thought about it myself.

    Speaking for myself, as I havent asked anyone else, it is a way of making sure none of that nasty caffeine makes its way into your decaf or vice versa.

    Even with my doserless rocky I do sometimes run a few grams of the decaf through to get rid of any leaded stuff still left in the system.

    It might pay for us decaf drinkers to have a separate grinder but its all extra money and space.

    For the time being Rocky will be an only child.


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