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Thread: Tiger striping

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    Tiger striping

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    Ive noticed that with all my shots Im getting tiger striping as it comes out of the spouts. But when I look at the puck I cant see any obvious channeling. Is this normal?

    I do the usual finger level of the coffee and solid tamp with a decent tamper.

    I guess its a bit hard to tell whats happening without a naked portafilter.

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    Re: Tiger striping

    tiger striping is common with African Coffee...

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    Re: Tiger striping

    Hi adrian,

    Tiger Striping is generally considered to be an indicator of a good pour. Theres some good info on this and many other things via this link....

    All the best,

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    Re: Tiger striping

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    Good one. Thanks Mal.

    I was wondering why it was happening seeing as Im finally getting consistently good shots :D

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