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Thread: Storing roasted beans

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    Storing roasted beans

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    I bought some beans from CoffeeBarun in SA. My DH, in his gung ho fashion, cut off the press seal on the coffee bag. I dont have any air tight containers. Will press seal sandwich bag do the trick?

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    Re: Storing roasted beans

    Are you sure you want to keep him?

    I dont think youll find a sandwich bag big enough though.

    Just smack him around the head a few times until you think he gets the message and promises not to do it again then use the sandwich bag to put the beans in.


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    Re: Storing roasted beans

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    I had a laugh.......nah, hes worth keeping, hes right into coffee now, he thought I was mad buying a grinder now he sees the necessity. I am talking about a roaster now and he again thinks I have totally lost my mind.

    Thanks though would hate to lose the fresh beans.


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