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Thread: 1st turn on commercial machine

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    1st turn on commercial machine

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    Had a go on a proper commercial machine yesterday (Rancillio 4 group), wow, what a different experience.

    Different dosing than required on my little ol sunbeam (much less coffee), two full clacks on the doser grinder directly into the PF (well, some of the coffee made it into it, its not as easy as it looks). Few taps on the bench, levelled off, tamped, locked in the shot and hit the button.

    Main difference was with the milk. Holy cow that thing has some serious steam power. I loaded in enough milk for my cup and started the steam. Turns out they use big jugs and have short steam arms so had to load much more milk in, otherwise it would have been a right mess. Once the jug was sussed, retried the milk. Only took maybe 30 secs or so to steam the milk, very quick I thought.

    Overall it was a fun experience and I didnt think I did too bad (even got a little art on the top of the cup), I was certainly nervous though, forgot to wipe the steam arm after the milk (doh)

    Much respect to all those that work these machines daily


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    Re: 1st turn on commercial machine

    .....good fun hey!

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    Re: 1st turn on commercial machine

    Yes, one of my work collegues said to me today that she didnt know how I stood behind that machine making coffee all day!

    I thought that I didnt know how she could stand behind the sandwich bar making sandwiches all day! ;D

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    Re: 1st turn on commercial machine

    Senator, what machine was it?

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    Re: 1st turn on commercial machine

    oh, "read it properly YeeZa". sorry! Rancilio gotchya ;)

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    Re: 1st turn on commercial machine

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    Yeah, steam power!!
    My first go on a commercial unit last year was the same.
    I was a bit nervous and didnt have my hand under the jug to feel the temp.
    It was only a few seconds before I noticed and when I put my hand in place it was laready time to stop.
    Nearly missed it!

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