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Thread: Looking for Echidna Coffee

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    Looking for Echidna Coffee

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    I was told by someone that I should try Echidna Coffee, if I wanted to try some really good australian coffee. Their website doesnt work. Cant find any contact details on the internet.

    Does ANYONE have any contact details for ECHIDNA COFFEE?

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    Re: Looking for Echidna Coffee

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    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs Obscura......

    Theres a small article about them roughly half-way down the page of this "local rag" editorial here. If you contact the papers from desk they may be able to put you on to them. A Yellow Pages search also revealed the following information....

    Echidna Coffee House
    3/14 Southern Cross Drv Ballina NSW 2478
    ph: 0412 848 407

    Just for your information though, we have some excellent award winning coffee available right here from CoffeeSnobs which can be ordered from the "Buy Brown" link in the top L/H corner of the page. A number of our highly respected Site Sponsors listed on the L/H side of the page also sell excellent coffee and well worth your time to investigate :). All the best......


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