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Thread: Rwandan Coffee

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    Rwandan Coffee

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    I posted this on CoffeeGeek. *Wasnt sure where to post it here - it is both a Wish and fishing for comments on those that have tried the coffee. *The request is for Rwandan from Karaba Cooperative or the Rwanda Musasa - both of which I have heard good things about.

    From my CG post:

    Has anyone had any Rwandan in Australia?

    I have heard it referred to as the fastest improving coffee producing state in Africa and was reading about it here: *Seems to be gathering steam in the US.

    Just interested to know if anyone has tried it in Australia and what you thought, particularly if it:
    came from Karaba Cooperative;
    was Rwanda Musasa.


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    Re: Rwandan Coffee

    I havent tried any but just wanted to second the motion.


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    Re: Rwandan Coffee

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    It is the right side of the planet for me to like it :)
    Will grab a sample if it appears in any of the future suppliers stock lists.


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