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Thread: Keeping Drinks Hot To Transport

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    Keeping Drinks Hot To Transport

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    Hey guys. I am running an espresso catering business, meaning i go to the site of the event and set up my bar and equipment and tantalize their tastebuds with amazing espresso! I am having a thought on a new idea, and was wondering if any of you professional genius might be able to lend a thought or two: I was wondering if there was a good way for me to make drinks to transport to an office while keeping the drinks hot during transport. The location would only be a few miles away and I could get there within fifteen minutes at the latest. I am thinking of making 15-20 drinks. Are there good insulated cups out there that would work while i am making the drinks and then delivering them?

    I tried keeping drinks warm in a thermos, but it seems to scald the milk in the drink.

    Could i pull shots and store them in milk and then just add the syrup or chocolate at the site? And if so, what proportions would i use? Would it be an ounce of milk per shot (or 1 1/2- 1 1/2)?

    Just wondering. Your thoughts would be great. I am losing some business with some of my regular customers whose budget has been decreased and was hoping to recapture some of it by offering them this service...otherwise they just stop in at Starbucks and deliver them their coffee.


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    Re: Keeping Drinks Hot To Transport

    why not offer sms coffee orders instead? they sms ahead and you make to order saving you on delivery costs?

    i tried delivery but it was too slow and cumbersome and I couldnt get customers to commit to sizable enough orders to make it worthwhile

    good luck though!


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    Re: Keeping Drinks Hot To Transport

    HBE welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    In my opinion, if you want to "tantalize their tastebuds with amazing espresso" then premaking and storing for 15 minutes is not going to work.

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    Re: Keeping Drinks Hot To Transport

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    Ive tried just about every way to store made-up coffee and none of it works. If you keep it hot it keeps cooking and over-cooked coffee is foul.

    The only partial solution is to let the shots get cold and then put the hot milk on top--its still not a great coffee though. I reckon the SMS ordering sounds like a fine alternative.

    Unfortunately there are some people with cardboard palates who dont appreciate a fine coffee. eg--We have an adequate automatic machine at work that I keep topped up with the best beans for 50 cents a cup--and some people still drink the instant (maybe cause its free). :P


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