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Thread: Lightning Strikes Twice: WBC Drama (#1 of ?)

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    Lightning Strikes Twice: WBC Drama (#1 of ?)

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    Hi All,

    According to Carl Sara, NZs perpetual prankster, Davids grinders have been lost in transit. In the 2006 World Barista Championships, it was Daves main batch of coffee that went missing ... so, in a wierd kind of way, I guess that at least he has the advantage of dealing with a somewhat familiar situation :o Updates if and when I get them!



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    Re: Lightning Strikes Twice: WBC Drama (#1 of ?)

    I hope this is not true


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    Re: Lightning Strikes Twice: WBC Drama (#1 of ?)

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    Same thoughts KK.

    I wonder about [s]those[/s] us Kiwis though ?

    Hope you been behaving Mr Sara !


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